Certificates, Awards, Recommendations & Testimonies

Certificates & Quality Control Standards:

Awards, Recommendations, & Testimonies:

1991 Boeing Military Airplanes Small Business Subcontractor of the Quarter: Crane Technology Company, Inc. Congratulations! Crane Technology has been selected as the Boeing Military Airplanes Subcontractor of the 3rd Quarter 1991.

This award is given in recognition of your outstanding performance as a Boeing Military Airplanes subcontractor in support of the B-2 program.

Outstanding subcontractors such as Crane Technology make it possible for Boeing to produce quality aerospace products that set a standard of excellence throughout the world.

1991 United States Air Force - Northrop - B-2 Team: The Collier Trophy has been awarded to the Northrop Corporation, the B-2 Industrial Team and the United States Air Force for demonstrated excellence in aeronautics and astronautics in 1991. This certificate is presented to Crane Technology in recognition and appreciation of your contribution to the B-2 Program.

1992 The Boeing Company Small Business Programs Recognizes Crane Technology as outstanding supplier in support of Boeing Programs

2005 VARA – Auto Racing: Class Champion – Crane Racing DP

2006 VARA – Auto Racing: Class Champion – Crane Racing DP

2011 Aero Vironment: Presented to Crane Technology for its contribution to the development of many UAV programs throughout the years,                        AV Aero Vironment

2013 Boeing: Boeing Research and Technology is very pleased to take this opportunity to recognize the outstanding performance of Crane Technology. In support of a critical 777 developmental shortage, Crane Technology far exceeded Boeing’s expectations by manufacturing and delivering the required parts when no one else could. Crane Technology has demonstrated that they are dedicated to the highest level of customer satisfaction. Congratulations and Thank You for a job well done.

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