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Crane Technology – Waterjet Cutting & Manufacturing Concept Collaboration Design And Product Development

Customers and Projects

    Some of Crane Technology’s Customers and Projects: Crane has produced parts and products for many customers requiring ultra-precision results, as well as those requiring cost-effectiveness from a quantitative standpoint, making WaterJetting an appealing choice for clients who are in need of either or both. Some of our customers and projects include:

    • Rocketdyne: NASA’sSpace ShuttleProgram – Primary 8’ Inconel engine rings for several successful Space-Shuttle missions
    • Performance Materials: Composite shoe inserts for Nike, Inc.
    • Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza: Primary Signage for Main Facility
    • NASA Satellite Project(s)
    • SpaceX: Space Exploration Rocket Project(s)
    • The Boeing Company: 777 Commercial Jet-liner Project / FA-18 Super Hornet Fighter Jet
    • Northrop Grumman: B2 Stealth Advanced Technology Bomber
    • VW (Volkswagen) Group Design Center California
    • Lockheed Martin: F22 Stealth Fighter / Skunk WorksF117 Stealth Fighter / U2 Aviation Project / X-33 VentureStar Space Project
    • AeroVironment: U.S. Military Un-manned Aircraft(s) / Dragon Eye Un-manned Areal Vehicle Project
    • Wilwood Engineering: Performance Disc Brake Systems
    • Marvin Engineering: Military and Defense Contracts and Projects
    • Teradyne Systems
    • Teledyne Scientific & Imaging
    • Alliance Spacesystems, Inc.
    • St Jude’s Medical Center: R & D Medical Components